Virgo clients :

ACTEL Communication (LTD): Located in Lebanon,
Business partner

Actel Logo

Middle East – Ahlan wa Sahlan: Located in Syria,
GSM services business partner.

Ahla w Sahla Logo

Audio Telecom Electronic Services "AudioTel": Located In Jordan,
Branched in Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Yemen. AudioTel is an Audio Text service provider business partner in Middle East.

Audio Tel Logo

SMS Media (LTD.)-CellSat: Located in Hong Kong,
Branched in Europe and Middle East. VAS "Value Added Services" company, SMS and IVR international Provider.

SMS Media Logo

E2M: Located in Lebanon,
VAS off shoring company, a business partner for land line services in Lebanon.

E2M Logo

Maxtis: Located in Czech Republic,
VAS "Value Added Services" company, SMS and IVR Provider.

Maxtis Logo

NEXUS: Located in Lebanon,
VAS off shoring company, Virgo serve Nexus in SMS filtering business by supporting   SMS filtering equipments operated by Virgo agents.


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Virgo clients
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